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Noah's Story

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Memories Captured by Teagan Photography

To most people, Tiny Light Noah would look like a normal small three year old boy with lots of energy. He spends his time swimming, dancing and playing with his dog Java, his brother Nick and sister Julia. But he has already gone through so much in such a short time.

Noah was born healthy at 30 weeks gestation weighing 3lbs 7oz. However, his condition quickly took a turn for the worse as doctors discovered a major bleed on the left side of his brain when he was just eight days old. This bleed caused him to have severe brain damage and a buildup of fluid on his brain. His parents were told his prognosis was not good. Soon afterward, Noah was diagnosed with a swallowing disorder and a mild form of cerebral palsy. But this Tiny Light has worked his whole life to overcome these challenges. He has been in intervention therapies since he was just four months old and he just keeps trying. Noah has worked very hard to learn to crawl and walk and recently he has been trying to overcome his struggles with speech.

More health issues could arise for Tiny Light Noah as he gets older. Recently doctors have been checking on a heart murmur. But Noah's mom thinks his future is full of opportunities and excitement. "Noah has had so many issues and hurdles in his short life, it's hard for me to remember them all. But one thing is, he is such a fighter. He never gives up and neither will we."

written by Karis Sengara


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