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Zane's Story

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Memories Captured by GingerSnaps You Photography

Meet four year old Zane. When he isn’t playing in the water, you may find this Tiny Light impersonating “The Hulk,” or playing with his trains. Zane loves tidying up and putting things into their respective containers. He has an incredible memory, especially for such things as letters, words, numbers, and the placement and order of objects. He is curious and joyful, despite the challenges he faces on a daily basis. 

In June 2011, Zane was diagnosed with autism and global developmental delay. Though the diagnosis was devastating for his parents, they felt determined to get their son as much support and help as possible. Early intervention is critical for children with autism, but they find waitlists everywhere they turn. However, Zane has been receiving intensive therapy and has been making progress, so they remain hopeful. 

Zane is very disinterested in food and it is a daily battle to keep him fed and hydrated. If it were up to him, every meal would consist of only bacon and pop. He also has difficulty communicating effectively and can get frustrated due to his lack of understanding and anxiety in certain situations. At times, this can lead to aggression, but he is learning to be gentle and patient. Most of the time, he is an affectionate little guy who loves hugs and kisses.

Zane’s mother, Tara, is extremely grateful for all the services available to help children on the spectrum and for the people who work with special children like Zane. She has high hopes for her son. “Having Zane in our lives is an incredible gift and he teaches us so much about love, joy and enjoying the simple things in life.”

Story by Emily Harrison


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