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Brenden's Story

Friday, November 9, 2012

Memories Captured By Sarah Spring

Tiny Light Brenden is known for his great memory and powers of observation. He adores his big sister McKayla and likes to play, read, do gymnastics and watch TV.

Brenden's journey started in 2009 when he was diagnosed with pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified, a form of autism. He has moderate cognitive and language delays, and receives regular therapy.

Since starting therapy, his proud parent Trena and Jimmy say, "He has come such a long way and he is in such a good place. He truly is a different little boy from when we were first diagnosed." After undergoing eight weeks of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, this seven year old is now in Grade 2!

Brenden's parents acknowledge that their Tiny Light will continue to face challenges, but they remain optimistic he will thrive, be happy and enjoy a very bright future!

written by Catherine Urquhart


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