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Matthew's Story

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Images Captured By Misty Dawson Photography

Meet Tiny Light Matthew. This active four year old loves playing ball and hockey with his big brother, spending time at the park, and playing with his friends at Toddler Playtime and gymnastics. He also enjoys tidying up and watching Mickey Mouse and Bear in the Big Blue House.  
When she was 17 weeks pregnant, Melodie was told her son had Down syndrome. Her initial devastation quickly turned to a need for information and she began researching the disorder. Several weeks later, doctors discovered Matthew also had an AVSD (atrioventricular septal defect), a common heart defect that would require an open heart surgery within his first six months of life. Though the surgery was a success, it was definitely the hardest and scariest part of the family's journey so far.
            Matthew’s surgery had a significant impact on his development. He just started walking last November and is non-verbal. He can use sign language, but sometimes get frustrated when people don’t know what he wants right away. Despite his challenges, he has demonstrated immense strength and determination.
Matthew has changed his family’s life for the better. His brother and sister have taken sign language classes and have become more involved with other special needs children. His parents have met some incredible people, especially Matthew’s therapists and other parents of special needs children. They work hard to surround Matthew with people who see his potential and will support him, regardless of his disability. They know that his future holds many amazing opportunities. “There is a special light around my little man and I know he is destined to do something unique and special with his wonderful life!”

Story by Emily Harrison


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