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Jacob's Story

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Images Captured by Trevor Allen Photography

Meet Tiny Light Jacob. This Tiny Light loves playing with cars and trucks and reading with his big sister Samantha. He is happiest when he can make people smile, laugh and have a great day.  

At 20 weeks gestation, Jacob was diagnosed with two complex congenital heart defects. He was given a 70% chance of survival and doctors informed his parents their son would need three heart surgeries before the age of four. At the time of his first surgery, he was just ten days old. Jacob had several complications including cardiac arrest, kidney dialysis, blood transfusions and the need for a feeding tube. As a result of this, he was forced to stay in the hospital for the first few months of his life until he was able to undergo his second heart surgery.  

Jacob is now almost three years of age and is currently awaiting his third heart surgery. His family credits him with helping them overcome their fears saying that he has “...gone through so much but he is such a happy boy who brings such joy to our lives. Although we never forget, he helps us to focus on the positives in life.” 

As a message to other families dealing with similar situations, Jacob’s parents feel that it is essential for families to stick together. “Give your child what they need to grow and thrive and support them in any way you can. Always show and tell them you love them!” 
Story by Stephanie Bond


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