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Shannon's Story

Friday, September 7, 2012

Images Captured by Moments in Time Photography

It seems as if there is nothing Tiny Light Shannon can’t do.  She enjoys sit skiing with her brother Michael, playing baseball, swimming and taking photos. She has also had some amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities – carrying the Paralympic torch, kissing a dolphin and meeting the Prime Minister. This year, this incredibly happy teenager graduated from high school.

As a baby, Shannon was not meeting her milestones. At ten months, parents Rob and Kathy were told their baby girl had atypical Angelman syndrome. The neuro-genetic disorder can include a wide range of developmental disability. Shannon is unable to walk or talk, and she is completely dependent on others for all her basic needs.

None of this has slowed Shannon down. Her family helps her stay busy and active in the community. On top of her jam-packed schedule, Shannon volunteers. She spends time with the students at her local elementary school listening to them read, and she plays with the cats at the animal shelter.

This Tiny Light recently celebrated a picture perfect graduation. Her best friends since Grade 1 helped her find the perfect gown and a date for prom. It was a wonderful moment for the whole family. “Shannon has taught us all so much about ourselves. She has taught us to be patient and to celebrate all accomplishments. She has taught us how important it is to slow down and enjoy life.”

Written by Elaine Yong


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