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Ellie's Story

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Images Captured by Silka Studios

Meet Tiny Light Ellie.  She loves to wave and say hello to anybody and everybody.  Her favourite activities involve being outdoors, enjoying nature and the playing the occasional game of Peek-a-boo.
Shortly after Ellie was born, she was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect and DiGeorge Syndrome.  She underwent her first open-heart surgery only three-and-a-half weeks into her life, and during this time her doctor also discovered that she had vocal cord paralysis and immune deficiencies.  In addition to these diagnoses, she was also found to have a Seizure Disorder while on life support.  Two weeks later, Ellie’s parents were told that there was significant damage to her cerebral cortex and that she also had Cerebral Palsy.

Ellie’s parents hope that their tiny light will live a happy and joyful life.  She has taught them “to celebrate the little things in life … that life is a gift, not a given … [and] … with perseverance and determination, you can accomplish so much.”  Ellie has proved this notion time and again, and continues to inspire her parents and others with her drive to fight.

As a message to others, Ellie’s parents say, “We know you have good days, we know you have bad days.  Just remember to smile every day, so at the end of a bad day, you can still say you have smiled that day.  Don’t give up, and take joy out of the little things.”

Story Written by Stephanie Bond


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