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Katia's Story

Monday, March 11, 2013

Memories Captured by Anna Epp Photography

Tiny Light Katia is a sociable little girl who can make friends wherever she goes. She enjoys drawing, colouring and playing with her doll Annabelle, and big brother Justin.
Katia was diagnosed with transposition of the great arteries of the heart shortly after birth. When she was born, she appeared to be slightly blue but her doctors indicated that it was normal. After a nurse took Katia for a bath and noticed the blue colour in her fingers, she was taken for an oxygen test. The test showed a 75% result where a normal result should have been over 95%. Subsequent to this, doctors took Katia for more tests and were able to diagnose her.
Katia’s parents state that the hardest part of the journey so far has been Katia’s surgery. Katia was operated on when she was only 8 days old. “It was very hard to see her with many plugs on her and always hear the machines beep when numbers weren’t high enough.” A week after her surgery, Katia developed an arrhythmia and was put on medication for a year.
Despite the arrhythmia complication, Katia remained strong and pulled through. She will have to visit a cardiologist to monitor her condition for the rest of her life but has managed to stay stable since her surgery. As a message to other families dealing with similar circumstances, Katia’s parents say, “You have to be strong and have hope. Enjoy every precious day with your child. Every day is a gift and we have to enjoy it!”
Story by Stephanie Bond


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