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Griffin's Story

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Images Captured by Donna Larmour Photography

Tiny Light Griffin enjoys listening to music and watching light projection shows on the wall.  He particularly loves the noise and movements of his two sisters, Kay and Hannah, and has lots of fun playing hooky from school!

At birth, it was known that Griffin had a disability, but the nature and severity of it was not determined until he was two years of age.  It was at this point when he was diagnosed with Spastic Quad Cerebral Palsy, a motor condition that causes physical disability in human development and has a limited life span.  Griffin has also subsequently been diagnosed with a seizure disorder and scoliosis.  He is completely dependent on his family, is non-verbal, g-tube fed and has cortical visual impairment.

Griffin’s parents say that the most remarkable part of their journey has been “ be immersed in a world of life so unlike the typical parenting journey. The connections and friendships and professional relationships that we have because of Griffin have added knowledge, friends, and comrades to our lives, which has immensely expanded our view and knowledge of the world.”

Although a great deal of uncertainty surrounds Griffin’s future, his family’s primary focus is maintaining a good quality of life for him.  As a message to others in similar situations, Griffin’s parents say to be sure that you know that “you deserve the same inherent dignity of life as anyone else. Your life has value.”

Story by Stephanie Bond


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