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John's Story

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Images Captured by Jennifer Newberry Photography

Despite his daily struggles, Tiny Light John is a happy and content five year old boy. He loves swimming, walking in his walker, and playing outside on his swing and tricycle. He also enjoys tickles from his dad and eating his favourite foods!

Shortly after his first birthday, John became very ill with meningitis. For three weeks he was on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. Doctors weren’t sure if he would pull through, but he did, and he then began his long journey of rehabilitation. All together, John was hospitalized for 8 months.

The meningitis caused severe and diffuse brain injury. John is unable to sit, stand, or walk on his own. He is also non-verbal, has severe visual impairments and suffers from difficult to control seizures.  He is dependent in all activities of daily living.

In addition to supporting John with his disabilities, his parents are busy raising John’s younger brother, Alex, who is now three years old. Despite the challenges they have faced over the last few years, John’s parents, Anne Marie and Peter, have met some amazing people along the way. They are inspired by other families facing similar situations as well as the therapists who work with their son. Advocating for additional funding for therapy and equipment is an ongoing job. John’s progress is slow and he will likely have significant disabilities for the rest of his life but his parents hope their son remains happy and is given the opportunity to reach his maximum potential.

Story by Emily Harrison


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