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Jordan's Story

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Images Captured by Studio 1079
For Tiny Light Jordan and his family, life is all about pursuing one's hopes and dreams, regardless of any challenges. Little Jordan is not quite two years old, but he's constantly impressing his parents and two big brothers.

Jordan was born at 37 weeks after his mother was induced. He weighed in at just over five pounds. Soon after, doctors delivered the news that Jordan has Down syndrome, also known as trisonomy 21. The diagnosis stunned his parents as there had been no suggestion of Down syndrome, despite numerous ultrasounds to monitor his mother's high blood pressure.

While Jordan's parents acknowledge there will be challenges ahead, they say he is an incredibly joyful child. His mother notes, "The love he shows me and his brothers is so obvious and strong a feeling that I know he has a gift that maybe a typical child wouldn't have." Already Jordan is showing a fondness for music, has a particular curiosity with paper and enjoys emulating others!

Jordan's doctors say he may be a high functioning adult, which is welcome news to his parents. Until then, they plan to pursue every opportunity for their Tiny Light, whom they describe as a smiley and contented baby and "a cherished life that needs love and encouragement."
written by Catherine Urquhart


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