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Matthew's Story

Friday, March 9, 2012

Images Captured by Kristy Klassen Photograpahy

Meet Tiny Light Matthew.
He is a sensitive soul and feels bad when others are hurting or get into trouble.
Born in 2007, Matthew was one-and-a-half when he was diagnosed with Oral Apraxia, or Dysarthria as it is also known. This means that he struggles with control of his speech muscles.  He has a hard time moving his mouth into new shapes, and his speech can be unclear.  Matthew’s mother was advised by many to give him time and not to worry that there may be a problem. However, she sought the help of a Speech Language Pathologist anyway.  Her efforts were rewarded as the SLP stated that therapy and early intervention would improve his speech.  Although many people have trouble understanding Matthew, one of his sisters has always possessed translation skills and can determine what he is saying, signing or grunting. 
Overall, his family was relieved at the diagnosis, as they now knew that there was a problem with his speech and that there was something they could do about it.  Matthew’s language delay never seems to get in the way of his interaction with other children.  He loves attending daycare, making animal sounds, playing with his sister and watching Handy Manny.  They now know it is only matter of time before he can speak clearly and be understood by others; already they have witnessed major improvements and rarely need their “translator” anymore. 
It is believed that Matthew will accomplish anything he sets his sights on.
Written by Kristi Hall-Busque


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